Hanshi Matt Molineux

Kaicho, IOBK

Douglas Grose 1922-2006

     ​​​​​​​Soke Mike Hancock started his karate training when he was 14 years old.  He studied Matsubayashi Shorinryu for 11 years.  In 1971, he saw the style of Grandmaster Fusei Kise and switched to the Okinawan Matsumura system under one of Master Kise’s American students.  In 1977, Soke Hancock went directly under Grandmasters Hohan Soken and Fusei Kise in the Shorinryu Matsumura Orthodox Karate Association and in 1978, was the second dojo to join Master Kise’s new All Okinawa Shorinryu Karate and Kobudo Federation.  In 1980, Masters Mike and Amy Hancock had a personal visit to their home by Grand Master Kise where he stayed for two weeks.  Soke Hancock was appointed Assistant United States Director for Master Kise’s association at that time.  In 1984, Masters Mike and Amy Hancock tested in front of Grandmasters Kise and Yuichi Kuda.  They promoted Soke Hancock to 7th Degree Black Belt and Amy Hancock to 5th Degree Black Belt.  Later that year, Soke Hancock was made the United States Director for the All Okinawan Shorinryu Karate and Kobudo Federation, representing Grand Master Kise in the United States.
     Soke Hancock, after approval of the Zen Kokusai Budo/Bugei Renmei (USA), International Okinawan Martial Arts Union (Okinawa), and the All Japan Dai-Seibukan Budo/Bugei Renmei (Japan), founded Shinmei Shorin Ryu Karate.  Master Hancock was given the title Soke (founder) and Master Amy Hancock was given the title Soke-Dai of
Shinmei Shorinryu Karate and the International Okinawan Budo-Kai.
     Both Mike and Amy Hancock retired from distinguished careers in law enforcement--each becoming educators certified by the state of Florida and teaching for decades in the school system and The Manatee Area Vocational Technical Center/Manatee County Police Academy.  Each received numerous awards and recognition as dedicated educators
and leaders in the community for over 30 years.
     Shinmei Shorinryu is true Okinawan karate taught by world renowned instructors--elite through its unique history.  The system descends from Shorinryu Matsumura Seito and although Okinawan karate was changed radically during the 1930s by the Japanese who preferred sport karate, this style was preserved by Grandmaster Hohan Soken who was living in Argentina during that time.  The techniques of the white crane have provided a pervading influence

in the style, resulting in a very efficient system of self defense.
     In December 2006, after the death of Soke Mike Hancock, Amy, as his designated successor, became the President/Kaicho of IOBK. She immediately passed the responsibilities and authority of the association to Mr. Matt Molineux.  Mrs. Hancock-Oriente continues her
involvement and support as President Emeritus of the IOBK.​

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Hohan Soken  1889-1982

Preserving the past, exploring the future.

    Soke Mike Hancock        1946-2006

International Okinawan Budo-Kai

Fusei Kise

Yoshimatsu Akamine

IOBK lineage for Shorinryu Karate, Shintoyoshin Jujutsu, and Hakutsuru

     Hanshi Molineux began his martial arts training in Shorinryu karate in 1974 under Soke Mike Hancock.  In 1975, the dojo joined The American Jiujitsu and Karate Association International and started studying Shintoyoshinryu Jiujitsu with Hanshi Douglas Grose.
     Molineux was promoted to Kudan, 9th Degree Black Belt, in March 2001 by Mr. Hancock and was, subsequently, recognized by Mr. Grose in May 2001. Since that time he has served as the Chief Technical Advisor for the AJKAI.  Molineux began training with Hanshi Tony Sandoval in Hakutsuru in 1995.  Mr. Sandoval recognized Molineux as a Master Instructor in November 2001 and Kudan in March 2009.  Molineux was officially recognized as Judan in January 2019.  Due to the untimely death of Mr. Hancock, Molineux was appointed President/Kaicho of the International Okinawan Budo-Kai in 2006.  Hanshi Molineux has traveled to Okinawa to train many times and was stationed there in the Air Force from 2009-2011.  He trained with Mr. Yoshimatsu Akamine, Kaicho of the Okinawa Shorinryu Matsumura Seito Karate-do Hozonkai (Okinawa, Japan) and direct student of Mr. Hohan Soken. 
     Hanshi Molineux attended the US Air Force Academy from 1985-1989—graduating with Military Honors.  After the academy, he attended pilot training and graduated as a KC-135 air refueling aircraft pilot.  He flew for the Air Force and served in various command and staff positions for 29 years, retiring at the rank of Colonel.  His last assignments included Commander, 6th Operations Group, in Tampa, FL,  and Director of Air and Space Studies at the Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA, teaching both Theory of War and Strategy, and National Security Policy and Strategy.  In 2018, he retired from the position of Vice Commandant of the Air War College in Montgomery, AL.​